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  • FAQ

    • Why do some cheaper mice have much higher DPI figures, for example 7200 DPI?

      The GM-F1 uses a Pixart 3325 sensor, an advanced sensor that is well-respected among gamers. This produces a true and consistent 5000 DPI without any artificial inflation through software or interpolation.
    • How durable are the switches?

      The switches in the GM-F1 are rated for over 20 million clicks. Even if you perform 20,000 clicks per day, the switches should still last at least 3 years.
    • The mouse is shown as connected but the cursor does not move. What's wrong?

      First disconnect and reconnect, and then try different USB ports. If that still doesn't resolve the issue, contact customer support and run the latest driver update package they provide.
    • Is it possible to adjust the RGB effects without using the Control Center?

      Yes, it's possible to adjust the lighting on the fly by pressing the scroll wheel and the forward button together. This will cycle the lighting between a number of different settings: neon, rainbow, static, breathe and off. Pressing the scroll wheel and the back button together can adjust these effects as follows: Neon: Adjusts the speed of the color cycling. Rainbow: Changes the speed of the effect. Static: Changes the color. Breathe: Changes the color.
    • Can the scroll wheel and logo lighting be adjusted?

      Yes, both of these can be adjusted using the G-aim Control Center.
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